Arcade game machines are a brilliantly modern way to add some lights, noise and fun to your next event. Adults and children alike flock to arcade games for hire and really add the extra buzz that so many events lack. Arcade game hire should be considered for private or public events and not to overlook corporate functions or exhibitions!

When you add amusement arcade games to an exhibition, potential clients gather in masses to investigate and have a go on the novelty machines. Hire amusement arcade games in the form of original arcade games such as Pacman or Space Invaders, or show off with our latest most impressive machines. All hire arcade machine games from The Entertainment Group are authentic and genuine, made by the likes of Sega, Konami, Namco, Taito and many more.

Not only do hire amusement machines entertain the player, they also create an excitable crowd of spectators. Why not introduce some friendly competition and advertise a prize for the best score of the day. This is a great way to promote store openings and new products as it means customers return throughout the event. Hire arcade machines are excellent for private events; the large range of games enables you to pick one that really suits the VIP of the day. Or make the day easier to remember and hire a video and photo booth, the newest way to record guest’s thoughts and memories of the event. Allow your guests or clients to be taken into a fantastic virtual world with our wonderful amusement machines that really do amuse players for hours!

All you need to supply is a plug socket and The Entertainment Group will come in and set up the arcade machine hire games for you. The installer will never stray too far from your event and will always be on hand to help should you come across any hiccups! If you are hoping to use the arcade machines as a way to increase profits or raise funds for charity, we can set many of the games so they are coin operated machines, this way you can collect the earnings at the end of the event. Hire new arcade machines meet requirements of all events, call now to further your enquiry. Why not ask about the great package prices we can supply. Even if you aren’t sure what new arcade machines or hire original arcade machines you require, our sales team will be happy to help and advise!